Breckenridge Luxury Homes

New Home Construction

Our mission at Breckenridge Luxury Homes is to serve the creative-minded, dynamic client who enjoys being involved at many levels throughout the creation of their custom home.  From setting initial objectives through design, development and completion, we consistently contribute ideas that meaningfully enhance the outcome of each project.

The result is a custom home that reveals the unique style of our clients and reflects their passion in every detail.

At Breckenridge Luxury Homes, we build for you.

Remodeling Services

Your family's needs are not static and the expectations for your home will change accordingly.  Whether adding space to your home or renovating existing rooms, Breckenridge Luxury Homes has experience in this very important process.

Our years of experience help us recognize opportunities in your home to fulfill your changing needs and we have the resources, from architecture and design as well as construction to fulfill those needs and dreams.

Let us show you how!